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Monday, August 15, 2016

Whimsy For Mail

Our old mailbox had started falling apart,
and I was still healing up my knee so I needed projects where I sat a lot,
so with sweet buns keeping us good company...
My honey made a new box.
100% made using recycled wood from old projects
and even some bits from the old box for good mojo...
Than it was my turn to do my bit,
with my knee lifted up and packed nicely with ice,
with my favorite music on and buns running around the yard, I painted.
It was slow going at first...
especially when the mosquitoes were ferocious
and kept chasing us either inside or up onto the back deck.
I wanted something super fun and whimsical,
oh and super bright of course
so I went with two bunnies, a girl and a boy with lots of swirling flowers and filigree...
I added "The Saile-Peterson Warren" for good measure
and outlined the main features of the image in black.
All the colours are ones found around our yard and little home...
and than I thought
Hey, why not make this mailbox polite whiles I am at it,
so I put a nice big "Thank You So Much" for the delivery people, I hope it makes them smile!
I left the inside a nice simple white,
everything got several coats of varnish
and I am really super happy with it.
But ya know what, I've only gotten junkmail and bills in it so far, go figure!
I am still waiting for some lovely whimsical goodies to fill it up...
anyone wanna send me some snail mail!!!? ha ha!

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