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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bittersweet Beauty

Things aren't over quite yet but we've actually had to turn our heat on already!
so I am naturally thinking back on the season as I do every year about this time.
Summer started off slowly with my injured knee early on in the season
& we resisted the yard for a tiny bit cause we just didn't want to be there without our Frenwyck...
but my oh my it's been such a good and wonderful Spring, summer and Fall...

I am looking forward to winter and diving into my studio time a lot more,
there's always way less distractions in the winter hibernation time!...
But I admit I am feeling slightly melancholy about wrapping another season up!
I don't know if Jaks will be with us next summer...I think that's making it all more bittersweet...
but we sure did enjoy our time outside this year and we took full advantage of it all
and that's what is most important at the end of it all isn't it!

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