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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hay For The Shelter

Just a couple weeks back we loaded up the truck with hay once again, 6 big bales,
and we made the long drive to Toronto and to the Toronto Humane Society
to drop it off as a donation to all of the rabbits and guinea pigs there.
We hope the sweethearts there love it. Some of our buns love the farm hay and others don't but hay variety is always important since hay is such an essential part of a rabbits and guinea pigs diet.
The shelter sure did appreciate it and we're excited & very happy for the donation.
We hope to do so again next time we can get to the city (we don't get there too often lately).
Around here it's only $10 for a bale of Timothy Hay...we get it for our buns too, it helps us
not only offer another kind to our buns but also helps us stretch our expensive OxBow hay further.
Maybe your favorite shelter would like/need a hay donation?

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