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Monday, December 5, 2016

Flynn's Deck

This was our rebuild of the kitchen deck, Flynn's deck, this past summer...we had been wanting
to fix it for ages not only to refresh it but also to make it so that Flynn had a view through
3 new windows, with a clear rain-proof roof for those summer evenings outside with hot cocoa's & twinkle lights & a small bump-out addition with a full-view area for the buns & a spot for the bbcue!

I usually help with every build we do for our little home but a bad knee injury at the beginning of summer pretty much had me act as the designer and spectator! Until mid-summer when I was
able to break out the color & paint, even than  my guy still had to do the high ladder parts!
I am pretty happy with my design, my man did an awesome amazing job & our Flynn LOVES it!


Natascha Rieper said...

I love how the windows open up the space and add light and little views. It Looks beautiful! What a nice space.

Louise said...

Love the way it's built and the way it's decorated too.