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Thursday, December 8, 2016

It Would Have Been Her Day

I know I may seem normal, I am back to instagraming, to blogging (not quite to the studios yet)
and no doubt there is beauty and love ricocheting off the walls in our little home...
but there's still a massive hole, that we have to mostly try our best
to ignore right now for self-preservation,
if we don't we'll fall into it's gaping all consuming black despairing depths...
so we're doing our best to concentrate on all that love bouncing around us still.
Today would have been her 4 year homecoming...
on this day 4 years ago we adopted her, our first shelter baby, our sunshine, our Tee-Tee & baby girl.
She was only 5...she should have lived another 5 at least...she was so healthy, until she was not.
I miss absolutely every thing about her, so much so that I can't breathe and I feel weak in the knees.
Especially our nightly snuggles...without them, without her, I am not 100% me.
I miss you baby girl. Forever.

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