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Friday, December 16, 2016

Lovely Leisel

Now everyone I want you to meet another special little lady...
Yep, that's right, we adopted not one little bun but two!
We've named this lovely lady
She is 3.5 years old and was desperately in need of a good home
having been at the shelter for 4 long months.
She was unlikely to be adopted anytime soon because she has what we bunny experts
call 'An Attitude Problem" but really she's just misunderstood I think.
She was biting shelter volunteers so she was sent to a foster home for a spell
to get a shelter break but she was pretty grumpy with her foster parent too &
I think she only go grumpier once she was back at the shelter.
We knew what we were getting into...the shelter knows that we know how to handle problem buns.
We are after all our very own 'Island Of Misfit Toys'!!!

She is a complete sweetheart.
Sure she has some attitude but already we can see that that stems down to her really she just
wanting constant attention and constant snuggles...and food for her very hungry little tum.
She is super aware of where we are at all times and she just wants to follow us wherever we go.
She doesn't popcorn but she sure does zoom like crazy.
And she's already found a favourite spot...all stretched out on the coffee table, ha ha!
We are hoping that she'll bond with Yuuji but we'll see...bonding is a tricky thing all around!
When my hon bun fell in love with Misa online, he also fell for Leisel...
and despite my worrying "oh babe, maybe we should just adopt one..."
he was the one who was insistent that it was the right thing to bring both girls home.
So we leaped into love, in honor of Teela and in honor of all the others present and past
and we already can't imagine either girl not being here.
I hope you all will continue to join us on our bunniful journey,
I hope to show you these two new lovely ladies personalities as they grow into our family & lives
and I hope that we're inspiring people out there to go to a shelter to adopt animals
because it's hard yes but it's also amazing and so beyond beautifully amazing.


Snap said...

Isn't it wonderful to welcome a new fur-babe into the home??!! She is lovely. I welcomed a new kitty ... the vet called and asked if I would take in a kitty (8-10) months old who needed a home. He thought he would be a good match for my other kitties. So, I am now on my way to official Crazy Cat Lady status. Oliver has made himself at home as I'm sure your little Leisel will too....

Natascha Rieper said...

Aweeee yay! Congrats! How great!