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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Meet Misa

Everyone I want you to meet somebunny very special
a cute as a button cutie pie...
(pronounced like 'Me-Sa')

We adopted her from the Toronto Humane Society just over a week ago...
I didn't tell anyone right away because it was feeling tender & raw
(especially cause her face is so like Teela's)
yet it's been so wonderful and warm and amazing at the exact same time...
We wanted to just sit within it all, just us two, with her, for a short spell before telling anyone.
She was so scared, timid, shy, shaking in a corner, not friendly nor easy-going
like a lot of the other buns there at the shelter and I admit I was nervous when I first met her,
she was by far the most skittish rabbit yet but I reminded myself that she must have been
feeling so unwanted and so very displaced and confused,
she was at a shelter before the THS too, poor girl, being bounced around is never easy for a bun.

But she's doing such a good job settling into her new home already,
she's calmed down immensely, the shaking has stopped,
she's snuggly & sweet and loves to be kissed and smothered with love
(however picking up is not allowed right now).
She already wants to be friends with Henrie & Elsie and flips herself over
onto her back constantly for them (which is a sign of friendship from 1 bun to another).
She has a voracious appetite so much so that
we have to sit with her when she eats because she eats so fast she chokes!
She is super duper insanely soft and super duper insanely sweet...she melts our hearts

Adopting so soon after Teela wasn't on my radar at all,
but my honey saw this little love and told me that he thought we should consider adopting again
and my heart warmed to the idea right away, especially when I saw how eager he was.
And if I've learnt anything from my sunshine girl Teela & from this newest baby,
it's that life is short, we have to do what makes us happiest and
we should fall in love
as often as we possibly can.
Join me Friday, I have somebunny else that I want you to meet!!!


Deb said...

How wonderful. "Welcome little Misa."

Jenn said...

Welcome little Misa! So glad she stopped shaking already. She knows she's in a warm safe a loving home

Snap said...

Misa is a beauty and so lucky to have a home with you and your guy. Hugs!

deb said...

Hello sweet Misa ~ you are a lucky girl ... mum & dad and siblings who l♥ve you so xo

{such suspense waiting :-D}

Natascha Rieper said...

I knew it! I thought u had a new bun!Well congratulations and it will be a good thing to work on showing her what a good life she will have!