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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pink Xmas, Pink Heart

We were going to skip Christmas this year, because of Teela
but than we realized that wasn't very fair to the other sweet buns who like the sparkly lights etc.

So we got the studio tree up first, it's for Henrie, Elsie & Misa to gaze upon & dream under.
It's full of favorite ornaments and hand-made love, like this felt one from my friend Deb Dunn.

and this sweetness from my rabbit loving and creative pal Michelle from the Raspberry Rabbits...

(Henrie had to pop out of the blanket to supervise the decorating of course!)

and this gorgeouness from my animal loving kindred friend Natascha Rieper

life is knocks us down many many many times doesn't it, especially as you get older...

So you've gotta put up sweet pink trees, treat your pink heart kindly
& eat pretty macaroons with honeyed cocoas as often as possible!

1 comment:

Deb said...

You got that right. :) Enjoy those darling bunnies this Christmas. Deb