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Friday, December 23, 2016

Simply Holidays

I worked a few holidays sketches even though I won't get colour to them until next season...
I don't have big plans for holidays this year, I just want to enjoy simple days and be happy.
So once I finished some custom pieces (that I unfortunately can't show you)
I decided to take my studio break a bit early to coincide with my honey's.

and I've been basking in a gorgeous guy who is so sweet and loving
and who cares for his bunnies like no one else, it's just so lovely to watch.
We've been settling in the two newbies and lavishing them with love...
and the other 7 so they don't get jealous...there's not enough time in a day that's for sure!

We're enjoying old tv like Buck Rogers, Wonder Woman & Thunderbirds with hot cocoas!
It's been nice & sweet & cozy...I hope your finding peace & warmth instead of stress too XO.

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