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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Covered Bridge

So when we first bought our first little home together,
we made this covered bridge, just the two of us,
it was quite the feat, making it just us two but we did for two reasons...
because my honey is a sweetheart and knows that I've always loved covered bridges
and because we needed a strategically placed structure to give us privacy when on our back deck.
Well this past season it needed quite a bit of TLC and we wanted to take care of it
because we both just love it still all these 14 some years later...
not just because of it's functionality but because it's a constant,
solid reminder to us of what we can achieve together.
It needed new footings, new braces, a good sanding, a brand new roof and
a brand new coat of paint and with all that done, it's looking wonderful again...
We'll be taking care of it together again in another 14 years if we're lucky.

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