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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello 2017

Hi again
How are you doing?
How is 2017 treating you so far?
Well 2016 kinda kicked my ass if I may be honest
and I know I have so much beauty and wonderful things to be thankful for admist the cruddy,
but still, I admit I am happy to see the other side of start fresh with a positive attitude.
2017 is starting off slowly though I think...but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
I unfortunately haven't had a pain-free day yet in 2017 so that's not a super great start!
& whiles our buns are doing well & the 2 newbies seem really happy, I am still sore over Teela.
I find myself moving a smidge slowly in my studio...finding my footing after long holidays off.
I am not necessarily making resolutions but just trying to visualize where I want to go
in 2017, with my work and with my own self too.
I know already abunch of things I want to work on, professionally and personally
I'll keep the personal list close to my chest right now however.
I know I want to publish my very first book, finally!!!
I want to get better at putting original work and new items into my dear shop.
I want to get into weaving, do some sewing projects, make some paper & cloth dolls,
try some needle felting, dive into pastels again, kick it up with linos....
ahhhh sooo many things!
but really I just want to get way more work done than I did in 2016.
Are you ready for another year of blogging?  This will be my 9th!
I truly hope you'll continue to join me, I am always so honored when you spend time with me.
& a big huge welcome to anyone new, thank you SO much already XO
Let's Do This!

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