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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


So this is going back to last year, end of September I think it was but I just forgot to post about it.
We went to see our 3rd Cirque Du Soleil show called "Luzia"
Oh my oh my, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
it literally brought tears to my ears and at one point I was so overcome with emotion at the beauty
of it all that I was physically shaking all over and I couldn't stop.
If you've seen it you'll understand when I mention
the galloping horse at the beginning with the fairy riding on top of it with her wings flowing
and the people running alongside them waving the flowers in joy and happiness etc...
I had a screaming bad monster migraine for three days before the show & on the day of the show,
so the 4-5 hours drive to get there was really difficult for me.
(I don't do well in vehicles when I have a sore head, mind you, our Jeep is the best one to be in if I have to be because of it's perfectly placed and super strong heater that I can hold my head up to!)
But if anything could make me temporarily forget about the excruciating pain in my head,
it would be this show, ha ha.  Pretty much for the duration, I was fully immersed and away from
the pain in my head for the most part...although intermission was no piece of cake ha ha!
It's not super often that something literally takes my breath away!
Shows like these, it's really just human beings at their most beautiful, tenacious, talented best...
to think of the endless work these performers and artists put into what they do.
Not to mention the visual splendor...all of the color and whimsical intricate design...
the whimsy of it all struck a deep chord and reminded me to keep doing what I do
because color, enchantment and whimsy are transporting and immersing & well just plain magical! 

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