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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Streamlining & Cleaning House

With a busy life caring for 9 rabbits, almost constant pain to contend with,
always tons going on in the studio
and everything else that life brings, big and small...
I really need to start streamlining and making days easier wherever possible
so I am starting with my online presence & my computer!

After 9 years of using Facebook, with both a personal profile and an artist page,
the negatives always outweighed the positives for me, but because it was there,
I kept using it even though it always left me grumpy, so I finally deleted it.

I never really saw the point of LinkedIn but I had a profile there too
and now knowing it's a major leak and seller of everyone's info including passwords,
and because it's never ever led to anything positive for my business, I've deleted that too.

I've also long ago stopped using Twitter
and hardly anyone there conversed with me anyhow so I doubt I'll be missed.
It was time to clear that account out and delete it as well
and this week I'll likely be getting rid of my Pinterest too.

I apologize if you've enjoyed following me on any of these places that I won't be using any longer...
But trying to connect with everyone everywhere just hasn't been working for me.
These places I've let go lend no positivity to me personally or professionally...
Especially when I realized just how much time I was loosing to social media I don't enjoy...
Days are short, I'd rather spend those precious few minutes on my family and artwork.

You'll still be able to find me here on my beloved blog, I adore the ease of Instagram
and I still love to upload once a month to my Flickr albums & share in the groups on there.
Even though I am hopefully going to find a new custom home for my art shop,
it will stay, for the time being, on the tried and true Etsy platform.

Allowing myself to streamline my online house has felt super good and positive
it can only be positive, because who wants me in a space that I am simply not enjoying right!
Nothing was deleted on a whim, trust me.
And I am trusting that whoever is interested enough in what I am doing,
that they will find me in the above mentioned places
or that they will sign up for my newsletter, which is lovely way to keep in touch with me.

I am making room in my routines so that fluidity has more space to work it's magic.
I am making it so that I have more time to spend in the places that I want to nurture.


Deb said...

You care for nine rabbits. That's wonderful. Yes, we all need to spend more time where we come away feeling content and fulfilled.

Anne Butera said...

Hi, Mandy,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in this post. Last week I deleted my Facebook account as well. I'd been going back and forth about it for a long time, but kept thinking that artists and other creative businesses need to have a Facebook page. I was heartened when Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine announced that she was thinking about deleting hers. When artists and other creatives share thoughts like these it serves as a reminder that we each can and should be creating on our own terms. We each must follow what feels right for ourselves and if something doesn't feel right, we shouldn't do it.

Anyway, thank you. It's been lovely peeking around on your blog and your site after reading about you in Artful Blogging (I'm in that issue, too!!). Your art is so filled with joy and your bunnies are so sweet!

Wishing you joy,