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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Gift Of Colours

I have my very first box of 120 Polychromos from Faber-Castell, a top notch German brand.
Thanks to my honey who bought them for me as a birthday present
because really they are a small fortune
and I don't know that I would have treated myself to them.
But I am so excited and nervous to try them...I've been a Prisma girl forever!
What if I like them more than my beloved Prismas! oh my goodness!
Apparently the Polychromos are way better; pure pigmented colours therefore no wax bloom...
wax bloom with Prismas is always present but not a problem once your apply your fixative.
The Polychromos have the colour core binded to the wood which means a lot less breakage...
though I have finally learnt if I sharpen my Prismas with an electric sharpener they break a lot less.
The points of Poly's stay longer because they are harder whereas
Prismas are super soft so the points dull a lot faster meaning you eat through your pencils faster....
Well it'll be a new adventure for 2017 and I can't wait to see if I fall deeply irrevocably in love!!!

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