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Monday, February 13, 2017

I've Been Thinking About Interviews

So I have for quite some time been thinking on how I can reach new kindred spirits & connect?
But not just to connect but share the beauty of that connection too, so therefore,
how could I use my blog to do so?
For about two years now I've been intrigued
by the idea of interviewing people on this beloved spot of mine.
But not just anyone...
Artists but even more specifically tenacious artists, like me, who create with chronic pain.
And artists or non-artists who love animals and make their lives & families around them.
Do you think it sounds good?
I'd like to begin soon because enough is enough...I shouldn't procrastinate on it any longer.
Connection is a thing of beauty and is sadly becoming rarer as the world gets meaner.
I know I am definitely not the only migraine/headache suffering artist out there
nor by far the only one obsessed, devoted, fulfilled and in love with a life revolving around animals.
I want to find more of these fellow souls and I want you to meet them too.
So let me ask you, do you know any people who fits either or both of these descriptions???
Email me at
and let me know or maybe you have a great idea of where I can find such people
and maybe I'll connect with them & than maybe you'll see them here.

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