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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Muse Misa

All of the rabbits who have blessed my life have been my inspirations for much of what I do
in each of their very own special and different ways...every single ones is unique & inspiring
but there's been 1 so far who I would have called a 'Muse', my little guy named Hobbs...
( unfortunately, I never really blogged about him because he was way before my blogging days)
Long story short...
I found him in my backyard with a severely broken leg, infested with mites, 2 inch long nails.
We had our hands full already, just two weeks before we had rescued 3 rabbits from a farm
and we already had a house full on top of them
but when my honey rushed home, to see who I had just found in the yard,
I was holding him rocking him in my arms in the bathroom
and the first thing out of his mouth was 'What are we going to name this one..."
because there was no question, this bun was extra extra special, he had an energy of peace about him.
Sadly, he was with us for only 8 short months before he died in my arms of heart failure.
But every single day that he was with me, I felt like working like mad, there was something extra extraordinary about his spirit and it for whatever magical reason made me want to create...
This newest little family member...
my little Misa...
She is feeling like my Hobbs...
Maybe she's going to be my next muse.
I notice a rise in my desire to create since she's been around.
I don't know if it's because she has so many of my Teela's traits
that part of my feels like I have my best friend back...I am sure that's part of it.
But I do know it's due largely to her just having a brightness and lightness in spirit like Hobbs did.
She has this pure joy about her.
I find myself constantly whirling around all of the other buns like normal and now more than ever...
I am these days, feeling more grateful for them and more patient with them than every before.
But with my Misa,
I gravitate towards her more than anybun else and when I am with her I just want to work.
I am feeling grateful for the pull again to my work because it's been a bit hazy to be honest.
I am feeling grateful more than ever for this life I share with rabbits...
and I am feeling extra extra grateful for this newest shining light...
Miss Misa my muse?
I am loving her so.