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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wind Be Gone

We've been loving our leisurely time out on the frozen lakes
with all the shining blinding white snow and the constantly dynamic changing skies, it's delicious...
This day was cold and the skies mostly dark but the expanse of the lake was still so soothing.
So this happened as I read & as snow being packed, flew all around me, sparkling in the air...
A snow wall which took shape quickly to brilliantly block us from the bulk of the bitter wind.

 We had our handy folding chairs, a thermos of tea, bananas and watermelon!
Because the wall worked so well, we were toasty snug & ended up staying for about 4 hours.
It's by far one of my favorite days of winter this past season.
I loved everything about this day and that my guy worked so sweetly to keep his girl warm...
It's the little things and the big things and the icy cold sweet as pie things, ahhhhh XO.

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