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Friday, April 21, 2017

Food Friday

So I've been dealing with some health stuff...
One of them is related to my tummy, it's all messed up &
I don't know why because I am a healthy eater for the most part.
So I've had to begin a not so fun food "elimination diet"
to figure out if I am allergic to gluten or have Celiac disease.
It's shocking how many foods contain gluten and I am REALLY hoping that my
stomach flora has just somehow gotten really outta right now it's extra healthy eats.

Like this meal,
which is common for me for breakfasts or even dinners right now.
It takes me about an hour to get all this in, as I've always been a super slow eater, nor a big eater.
Here we've got a healthy and gluten-free mix of
half a cantaloupe, organic banana, vegan ham 
and oatmeal with a fresh apple, lots of cinnamon & different nuts added,
all with lots of peppermint tea.
Give it a try, it's really a pretty tasty mixing of things.

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