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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Most Beautiful Amazing Gift From Natascha Rieper

This arrived a few weeks ago...
one of the most beautiful and generous gifts I've ever received.

When most people in my life just didn't really seem to get how lost I've been without my sunshine
and how that was making me feel even more discombobulated and lonely and lost,
one super kind, lovely, fellow animal loving friend who've I never even met in person said to me
'Send me your favorite photo of your girl,
I want to do something for you'

The talented and wonderful Natascha Rieper made this insanely beautiful clay portrait of Teela.
She knew through my blog how special Teela was and how much she meant in my life
and she gifted me a memorial plaque that I will cherish every single day.

I put it on my side of the bed...
I go to sleep gazing at my beautiful bestie's face and I wake up to it.
It's so so special and so incredibly beautiful and
even more so because of the kind-hearted spirit it was made and given in.

If you've never seen Natascha's blog or work do click on over and check things out...
She's a big hearted animal lover with a house full of different fur-babies, I am sure you'll be hooked.

And thank you again a million times my friend not only for this gift
but for the connection, the shoulder via email and for the friendship

1 comment:

Natascha Rieper said...

I am glad it made you happy and is one of my favorite pieces! ❤️